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Location : Bagamoyo District, Tanzania
Date Of Initial Investiment : April 2012
Pineapple processing and value-addition

DORT Africa

DORT Africa, an agricultural and training consultancy, is constructing two solar driers and processing facilities for a pineapple growers’ association in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania.

The driers, owned and operated by the association, will enable farmers to dry, process, and market dried pineapple to local retailers, earning a significant relative price compared to fresh pineapple.

Investment rationale

Dried pineapple is a significant value-addition, estimated to increase selling prices up to four-fold compared to fresh pineapple, while also reducing post-harvest losses. The association has already established a trading relationship with one of Tanzania’s largest juice processors. Proximity to Dar es Salaam port creates potential to export.

Location : Arusha, Tanzania
Date Of Initial Investiment : July 2013
Boosting fruit and vegetable exports

HomeVeg Tanzania

HomeVeg Tanzania, a fruit and vegetable exporter based in Arusha, works with more than 1,200 contract farmers on products ranging from beans and baby corn to chillies and passion fruit. HomeVeg is investing in twelve new greenhouses, a new grading facility, and training and extension to farmers to meet industry quality standards. The twelve new greenhouses will be used to train farmers on good agricultural practices and quality standards, enabling smallholders to improve quality and earn income year-round. In addition, the grading hall will create jobs and reduce waste by allowing farmers to sell export-reject produce on the local market.

Investment rationale

Investment in greenhouses will enable year-round production, boosting output. Establishment of a new grading facility nearer to the production area will reduce transport costs and increase efficiency.

Location : Makueni, Kenya
Date Of Initial Investiment : July 2013
Producing drought-resistant pigeon peas

IDEAL Matunda

IDEAL Matunda will provide farmers with short-duration pigeon pea varieties, training on cultivation techniques, and links to domestic and export markets.IDEAL Matunda is a fruit and vegetable wholesaler based in Nairobi. It works closely with marginalized rural communities across Kenya to provide access to reliable and profitable markets. The company’s activities will provide a guaranteed market, linking farmers to local retailers and, as the operation grows, to the main urban centers in Kenya. Value addition will be through processing dried pigeon pea into dhal, for both domestic and export markets.

Investment rationale

Kenya is a net importer of pigeon peas, indicating that domestic demand is not currently being met by supply. Additionally, the processing of dried peas into dal is estimated to double the market price, with a share of this value addition being passed back to farmers. Promotion of a drought-resistant crop improves resilience and provides an important food source for rural communities in this arid region of Eastern Kenya.

Location : Kitui, Kenya
Date Of Initial Investiment : April 2012
Mango processing and marketing

KDC Mango Value Chain Enterprise

The women-led Kitui Development Centre Mango Value Chain Enterprise is a mango pulping facility currently helping 800 smallholders quadruple their returns by processing mango fruits into juice.The juice processing facility opens up access to the lucrative national retail market, creating new routes for the sale of mango fruit and enabling farmers to bargain collectively for higher prices

Investment rationale

Processing mango fruits into juice is estimated to quadruple the net return to farmers. Distribution of improved varieties and better cultivation techniques is resulting in a three-fold increase in yields.

Location : Makueni, Kenya
Date Of Initial Investiment : July 2013
Improving sorghum production

Mwailu Enterprises

Mwailu Enterprises is an aggregator and bulker of grains that works with farmers in Makueni County. It takes orders from major processors, mainly breweries in the case of sorghum, and contracts with farmer groups to fill orders. By providing seeds and access to tractors and threshing equipment, Mwailu Enterprises is helping encourage the cultivation of sorghum, improve yields, and reduce postharvest losses. The company will work with 800 contracted farmers to provide sorghum seeds and access to ploughing and harvesting equipment.

Investment rationale

The market for sorghum is increasing following the decision of breweries to use sorghum as a lower-cost alternative to barley, with domestic supply as yet unable to match demand. There is also potential value-addition through milling sorghum flour. The mechanisation of ploughing and threshing also saves time, particularly for women farmers who are traditionally responsible for threshing.

Location : Kabarole/Kyenjojo, Uganda
Date Of Initial Investiment : April 2013
Drying cassava to reduce postharvest losses


PRICON is helping 1,500 cassava farmers form an enterprise to process and access new markets for dried cassava. Farmers are provided with equipment and training to slice, dry and store cassava, enabling them to benefit from value addition and from selling outside of the peak harvest season, when prices are higher. Dried cassava is sold in bulk to regional companies for processing into flour, crisps, and other products.

Investment rationale

As fresh cassava decays quickly, proper drying and storage can significantly reduce postharvest losses and increase income for farmers. Distribution of better-yielding varieties to 1,500 farmers is also expected to increase overall output by a third.

Location : Nairobi, Kenya
Date Of Initial Investiment : April 2013
Producing Fairtrade premium cashews

Ten Senses Africa

Based just outside Nairobi, Ten Senses Africa is a processor and exporter of macadamia and cashew nuts. The company sources nuts from 15,000 smallholder farmers in the Mount Kenya and Lamu County regions of Kenya, and processes and packages the nuts for distribution to wholesalers in Europe and the US. It is currently the world’s only Fairtrade-certified supplier of macadamia nuts and with MAEF’s support is now diversifying into cashew nut processing

Investment rationale

Ten Senses Africa provides a proven link between smallholder farmers and export markets; training in better cultivation techniques are expected to at least double yields for farmers; and Fairtrade certification provides a key competitive advantage (the company is also in the process of obtaining organic certification).

Location : Rubirizi, Uganda
Date Of Initial Investiment : April 2013
Commercialising Soya Bean Production


VEDCO is an NGO with 20 years’ experience working with rural farming communities across Uganda. In addition to providing seeds to an estimated 1,200 farmers across southwestern Uganda to commercialise the production and marketing of soya beans, the company will provide training in improved cultivation techniques and business practices to reduce postharvest losses and help ensure long-term sustainability.

Investment rationale

Seed production delivers significant returns, and the project is working closely with Agridec Premier Seed to ensure a sustainable market for farmers. For grain production, bulking will enable links with milling companies and other major buyers.


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