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Why invest in MAEF?

With increased access to technology and inputs, aggregation, transportation, marketing and other services, smallholder farmers can increase their productivity and profitability and improve their and their families’ lives.

MAEF is uniquely positioned on the second rung of the commercialisation ladder, in the space between more traditional support mechanisms for farmers, and the current wave of impact investors targeting bigger, more established SMEs. Thus, by investing in the fund, you will help:

  • Fulfil an unmet need in the agricultural sector by supporting ‘first-mile’ entrepreneurs who have the potential to impact thousands of farmers.
  • Reach many more farmers through this business provider entry point approach, at a fraction of the cost per farmer, compared to a typical direct implementation model.
  • Foster investment-ready SMEs by instilling a culture of savings and re-investment, rather than loading small and weak businesses with debt.
  • Ensure sustainability by building the capacity of local businesses to serve the needs of rural farmers.

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